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A little about Raynox:

No longer do you have to tolerate a white apple tree in order to reduce the sunburn on your fruit. Now there is Raynox which is easy to handle, easy to apply and does not leave a heavy residue on fruit. Raynox differs from clay-based anti-sunburn products by being made of the vegetable wax which is able to filter out over half of the damaging ultraviolet- B (UVB) rays that cause sunburn as well as refecting some of the other solar radiation.

Raynox was developed at Washington State University and was being widely used in Washington State in 2004, only one year after introduction to the market. In Australia , Colin Campbell Chemicals carried out trials in major apple growing areas in 2004-2005. These trials confirmed the US and Chile results and led to commercial introduction in November 2005.


Because of the nature of the film, Raynox :  

  • is not washed off by rain so does not need reapplication after rain,
  • binds to natural waxes on trees and fruit
  • does not block the visible sunlight that stimulates colour development and fruit size,
  • does not encourage mite flares,
  • does not have negative effects on beneficial insects.

Trials and grower experience in Australia show Raynox is effective on the varieties most susceptible to sunburn : Fuji , Gala, Golden Delicious and Granny Smith.

Apples are most vulnerable to sunburn on clear, calm days with air temperatures above 30oC and with low humidity. It is possible that sunburn could occur at lower temperatures in the southern hemisphere due to the higher levels of UV radiation. Raynox should be applied before these conditions are met. Australian experience indicates this is the second half of November for apples.

Application of Raynox can be by airblast or by helicopter.

No sunburn treatment can totally eliminate sunburn, but orchardists around the world are demonstrating to themselves that Raynox is the treatment that gives them maximum sunburn reduction without the disadvantages.

Below you will find links to many resources that will help you use Raynox in the best possible way to effective reduce sunburn on apples.

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