Horticulture Recreational Turf Post Harvest Home Garden
View our range of products for use on fruit, vegetable, vineyards and other horticultural crops Managing a small or large golf course, bowling club, local stadium, or an international sports stadium you'll find the products that you need here Packing, waxing or storing apples, citrus, stone fruit or other crops after harvest, here's where you will find the products that you need to help you crop last the journey. Some of our professional products are available for use in your home garden, take a look at our range here.
Featured Products
  • Cheers 720 WeatherShield Fungicide
    Cheers WeatherShield is an evolution of the original Cheers (chlorothalonil) formulation. Cheers WeatherShield has superior surfactant technology. For control of various diseases in various crops.
  • Magnate 750 WG Fungicide
    An excellent granular formulated fungicide for the control of post harvest diseases in citrus, apples and pears, rock melons and potatoes.

    Click here for an important notice about the use of imazalil on apples and pears.
  • Natural Shine 960 Citrus Wax
    Natural Shine 960 is a high quality carnauba based wax specifically designed for the use on citrus for local and export markets. Do NOT use citrus destined for sale in the UK & European Union (EU).
  • Zanoctine Liquid Fungicide
    For the post harvest control of Green & Blue Mould & Sour Rot in citrus and control of Grey Mould, Yeasty Rot and Transit Rot in Tomatoes.