View our range of products for use on fruit, vegetable, vineyards and other horticultural crops.
  • 500g/L Clofentezine
    An ovicidal miticide for the control of Twospotted and other mites in various crops.

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  • 980g/L Alkoxylated Fatty Alkylamine Polymer
    An adjuvant to improve the uptake of Nitrogen at late dormancy in Apples, Nashis, Custard apples, Persimmons, Cherries, Grape Vines and low chill stonefruit to induce even budbreak and increased flowering.

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  • Nitrogen source for Armobreak
    A liquid nitrogen based product to be combined with Armobreak adjuvant to induce even budbreak in Apples, Nashis and Grapevines.

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  • Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner subsp.aizawai stra
    Bacchus is a biological insecticide specifically for use against Lepidopterous larvae.

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  • 500g/L Chlorothalonil
    For Control of fungal diseases on Almonds, Bananas, Cucurbits, Grapes, Ornamentals, Peanuts, Stone Fruit, Tobacco and Vegetables as per the product label.

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  • 720g/L Chlorothalonil
    Cheers WeatherShield is an evolution of the original Cheers (chlorothalonil) formulation. Cheers WeatherShield has superior surfactant technology. For control of various diseases in various crops.

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  • 480g/L Thiacloprid
    Cobra is a insecticide for use in Pome fruit and Stone fruit for control of 
    • Codling moth
    • Apple dimpling bug (apples only)
    • Oriental fruit moth.

    Cobra can also be used on ornamentals including Cameilas, Maybush, Roses for the control of Aphids

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  • 0.7 g/L Cydia pomonella GRANULOSIS VIRUS
    A insecticidal virus for the control of Codling Moth

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  • Codling Moth Pheremone
    For the mating disruption of codling moth in apples and pears.

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  • Oriental Fruit Moth Pheremone
    For the mating disruption of oriental fruit moth in apples, pears and stone fruit.

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  • 800g/kg Sulphur
    A high quality European formulated sulhpur for use on various fruits and vegetables.

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  • 500g/L Iprodione
    A broad spectrum systemic fungicide for use on various crops including grapes, stone fruit, potatoes, lettuce and turf. Ippon can also be used as post harvest treatment on pome and stone fruit.

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  • 250g/L Iprodione
    A broad spectrum oil based systemic fungicide for use on various crops including grapes, stone fruit, potatoes, lettuce and more.

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  • 430g/L Tebuconazole
    A tebuconazole based fungicide for the control of varios disease as per the product label.

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  • 464g/L Flutonanil
    For control of black scurf in seed potatoes. Also for Fairy Ring  control in Turf

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  • N.P.K. 11-13-16 + Trace Elements
    A water soluble fertiliser developed especially for Orchids to aid flowering.N.P.K. 11-13-16 + Trace Elements

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  • N.P.K. 30-4-8 + Trace Elements
    A water soluble fertiliser developed especially for Orchids to aid growth.

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  • 605g/L Propamocarb
    For the control of damping-off in ornamental plants and recreational turf caused by Pythium spp.

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  • 450g/L Prochloraz
    For the control of various diseases on tropical fruits and turf.

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  • 400g/L Pyrimethanil
    For the control of Botrytis in grapes, strawberries and ornamentals.

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  • Water, fatty acids, vegetable esters and emulsifie
    RainGard is a brand new product to help reduce the instance of cracking in sweet cherries.
    Click here for brochure

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  • Sunburn Protectant
    Raynox gives you improved sunburn protection for apples and pineapples. Raynox goes on clear and dries clear and leaves NO visible residue.

    Visit the Raynox Resources page for all you need to now about using Raynox in Australia.

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  • Water, tetrasodium, EDTA
    To be used in conjunction with Raynox. Not for separate sale.

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  • 462g/kg Prochloraz present as the manganese chloride complex
    A WP prochloraz formulated fungicide specifically desgeined for use on mushroom. mangoes, proteas and violas.

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  • 400g/L Dodine
    For the control of black spot in apples and pears. New registration on leaf curl and blossom blight in peaches and nectarines.

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  • 18g/L Copper present as copper octonoate
    A unique liquid copper fungicide giving disease control with a low level of copper. The only copper fungicide for use on powdery mildew.

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  • 250g/L Triadimenol
    For the pre-harvest control of ring spot, powdery mildew and pineapple disease in certain crops including grapes and cucurbits. Also controls dollar spot in turf.

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  • 400 g/kg COPPER (Cu) present as CUPRIC HYDROXIDE
    A high qulality European formulated copper hydroxide fungicide for use on fruit. vegetable & other crops as per the label.

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  • 500g/L Thiabendazole
    For the control of various diseases in post harvest applicationsin fruit crops and dollar spot and fusarium in turf and lawns.

    Please note that as of December 2013 Vorlon is no longer reccomended for use on apples and pears.

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  • 700g/kg Dithianon
    Dithianon active ingredient for control of certain diseases of stone fruit, pome fruit and vines as specified in the Directions for Use Table.

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